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class schedule

PreK Morning Class:                                                                                              Afternoon Class:

7:55-8:00     Arrival/hang backpack in hall and sit.                        11:55-12:00   Arrival/hang backpack                       

8:00              Bring in folder, turn picture, sit at table.                   12:00        Bring in folder, turn picture, sit

8:10              Pledges to flags, announcements                                12:10              Pledge, calendar,

8:15              Calendar & opening activites (Starfall)                      12:20-12:45    Play in centers, cleanup

8:20-8:55     Playtime in Centers; cleanup time.                              12:50-1:30    Circle Time; skills instruction

9:00-9:15       Music with Mrs. Bradley                                                                Table Time skills practice, Quiet activity

                      Milk/snack time after music                                       1:30-1:45      Music with Mrs. Bradley

9:25ish          Circle Time: learning new stuff; skills instruction                            Milk/snack time after music

 9:40             Skills practice at Table Time; do “Quiet Activity”        2:00       Prepare backpack for home

10:15              Clean up activities, prepare backpack for home            2:10       Outside recess

10:20             Outside recess                                                              2:40       Dismiss

10:50             Dismiss