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Staff Resources

This area is for School District Employees and Staff only!

Required Professional Development

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT required for all Certified Staff – Please click on the following links and view the training, then follow the instructions.


Alcohol and Drug Awareness Resources

Autism Awareness

Bloodborne Pathogens Training (Please view the links below)

          OSHA Website – Overview 1

          OSHA Website – Overview 2

          Bloodborne Pathogens Video

Bullying Prevention Resources

          Beaver Bullying Report Form

Child Abuse & Neglect; Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Reporting (Please view the links below)

          Educators as Mandatory Reporters

          OSDE Crisis Team Resources

          OSDE Youth Violence Prevention Resources

          Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth

          Oklahoma Department of Health

Diabetes Management (Please view the links below)

          Diabetes Training Videos

          OSDH Guidelines for Diabetes Management in Schools

Digital Teaching and Learning – ISTE Standards (Please view the links below)

          OSDE Resources

          ISTE Standards for Students, Educators, & Administrators

Dyslexia Awareness 

English Learner Resources   

          “English Learners” on OSDE Connect

Family & Community Engagement

FERPA: Confidentiality

FERPA, Protecting Student Privacy

Hazardous Communications

          Overview 1

          Overview 2

          OSHA Training Requirements

Human Trafficking

Mental Health Needs of Students (Please view the links below)

          OSDE Student Mental Health Resources

          OSDE Prevention Services

          OSDE Crisis Preparedness and Response

          OK Aware Resources

          Oklahoma Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services

Racial and Ethnic Education (Please view the links below)

          Teaching Tolerance

          Culturally Responsive Teaching

          Culturally Relevant Education

Seizure Awareness Training (Please view the links below)

          Seizure Presentation

          OSDE Connect 

          Seizure First Aid

          Epilepsy Foundation

Suicide Awareness Training (Please view the links below)

          OSDE Suicide Prevention Resources

          Oklahoma Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services Resources

Title IX Training (Please view the links below)

          Title IX Video

          Title IX Resource Guide

          Title IX Key Provisions of the Department of Educations new Title IX Regulation

          US Department of Education

          USDE Title IX Resource Guide

Homeless Training (Title IX, Part A)

Workplace Safety Training in School Resources


Oklahoma Standards of Performance and Conduct for Teachers

Board Policy DHAC:  Staff Members & Social Networking Sites

Asthma Awareness Training


Thank you all for completing all professional development training.  Please download the following document, sign that you have completed training for the year, and return to Mr. Brashears office (you can give to Rhonda if he is not there).  Please call Mr. Brashears if you have any questions; Extension 422.


Professional Development Affidavit