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Professional Teaching Portfolio


            As an educator I believe that there is much more to teaching than making lesson plans and teaching the lessons. Professional Dispositions are also an important part of being an educator. Dispositions are the way that teachers conduct themselves in and out of the classroom. What a teacher believes, and their attitude also holds a lot of importance when it comes to being a successful effective teacher. As an educator I will treat students fairly, hold them to high expectations and push them to do their best because I know that they are capable of accomplishing great things. I will be understanding in all situations and adjust my lessons accordingly. I also hold myself to a high set of standards when it comes to the way I conduct myself in and out of school and the way I run my classroom. I believe any student can learn when taught the way that they need to be taught. I am also dedicated to track my students progress with assessments and follow the data to find the best way to keep them going in the right direction. I believe that it is important for teachers to get to know their students and their families and to work hard to keep an open line of communication with them throughout the school year. Building relationships is a part of the job that I do not take lightly. I think when parents and teachers can work as a team the students will reap the benefits.  I believe that kids are human too and that everyone makes mistakes. I will help them work through those and learn from them.  I am determined to do my best for Beaver Public Schools and for our community. 

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