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April 6, 2020


Dear Students 

I pray that this letter finds you safe and healthy.  I miss all of you very much.    I also miss your smiles and all the chit-chat that makes each class so special.

As you are probably aware, your core teachers have to supply you with learning opportunities during the next two months.  I have enlisted the help of a good friend, Professor VonSchmohawk, who will be working with me to provide you with the opportunity to enhance you understanding and use of math.  Professor VonSchmohawk has a website that we will be using to provide this information.

To access the Professor’s website go to Google and type in the word WhyU.  The screen will display several options.  The first option should say, “WhyU animated videos are designed for mathematics…”  Click on this option which should bring up a main screen which shows four subject boxes.  The top box is Pre-Algebra.  Click on this box—a list of program lessons should be displayed.   Start with lesson 4 (Whole numbers, Integers, and the Number Line).  As you have time watch each episode in Pre-Algebra (you can re-watch if you need more time to understand the presentation).   When you finish Pre-Algebra then start Algebra.

Keep a log of your watching each presentation.  Write down interesting facts or observations from each episode.  At least once a week send me an e-mail to report your progress and your facts.  My school e-mail is

Please stay safe.  I hope to see you soon. 




Mr. Baird

Gene Baird

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