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Attention Beaver Duster Alumni

Posted Date: 11/16/2022

Attention Beaver Duster Alumni

Good morning from Duster Land (aka the great land of Beaver Public Schools),

I am reaching out to you as a distinguished alumnus from Beaver Public Schools, Class of (you fill in the blank)! I am working on a project with which I would love to have your help. Our Media Class, led by a fabulous new teacher, Mrs. Kristen Martinez (wife of Rick Martinez, Class of 1988, and mom to Grace, Class of 2032, and Anna, Class of 2034) has been doing a terrific job recording each day's morning announcements in a news-cast format. If you haven't seen a few of the videos we have posted on our school website (, on our app 📲, Beaver Dusters, and on social media (Facebook - Beaver Dusters in the Know) you must check those out to see how much fun they are having while learning all about the media world.

We would like to use this daily opportunity to highlight a Beaver Duster Alumni that could offer some encouragement, motivation, advice, etc. to the students sitting in Beaver Schools today. We have a plethora of accomplished graduates that have gone on to do AMAZING things in the world and we are so proud that you got your start as a Beaver Duster. We want to show students today that graduating from Beaver High School, in the heart of No Man's Land, that they too can accomplish important things in the world. Our goal is to highlight Beaver Dusters from all walks of life and occupations that have a variety of interests and successes so we are calling for everyone to participate!

Here's where you come in: for those who are interested, we are kindly asking you to record a video message - no longer than 3 minutes - and send that to us. (Technology and cell phones make this super easy to do!) Our Media class will edit the video, if needed, so it does not have to be perfect! Your message can include anything from what you loved about Beaver Schools, something important you learned while you were here, what it took for you to pursue your dreams and passions, encouraging words, advice for life after Beaver High School, etc. We want students to know that growing up in Beaver, America can lead to people having a positive impact in their families, communities and world at large. **With your permission, you might even be featured on our website and social media!** 🎬 Videos can be emailed to or 🎥

If you have questions about what this looks like in more detail, please feel free to contact me via email which is the easiest way to get a hold of me. I hope we have a FLOOD of videos to share with our students. We want to empower them to become distinguished Beaver Duster Alum in the future! If you know of a Duster Alum who would also be interested in joining this motivation campaign, please share this email with them and feel free to share on your social media Alumni pages to reach more people. We are looking for as many Beaver Dusters as we can find so we definitely need your help with this! 🔎

We are excited to see how this develops and even more excited to hear your stories! We are so grateful that you would take the time out of your day to record a short video for us to share.

As they say, "Once a Duster, ALWAYS a Duster!"