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FCS is a non-denominational service club.  Its purpose is to provide Christian fellowship and the opportunity to serve the school and community.
The Fellowship of Christian Students has been an organization at Beaver Schools for over 25 years.  We were formerly called the Fellowship of Christian Athletes or FCA, but decided on the name change to incorporate and include more students at BHS.  We would like to invite and welcome all students and staff members to attend our meeting and grow in Christ with us.  
Please see Coach Jerod Cline if you would like any more information on the FCS at Beaver Schools!
FCA Competitor's Creed
I am a Christian first and last.
I am created in the likeness of 
God Almighty to bring Him glory.
I am a member of Team Jesus Christ.
I wear the colors of the cross.
I am a Competitor now and forever.
I am made to strive, to strain,
to stretch and to succeed
in the arena of competition.
I am a Christian Competitor
and as such, I face my challenger
with the face of Christ.
I do not trust in myself.
I do not boast in my abilities
or believe in my own strength.
I rely solely on the power of God.
I compete for the pleasure of
my Heavenly Father, the honor of Christ
and the reputation of the Holy Spirit.
My attitude on and off
the field is above reproach –
my conduct beyond criticism.
Whether I am preparing,
practicing or playing;
I submit to God’s authority
and those He has put over me.
I respect my coaches, officials,
teammates and competitors 
out of respect for the Lord.
My body is the temple of Jesus Christ.
I protect it from within and without.
Nothing enters my body that
does not honor the Living God.
My sweat is an offering to my Master.
My soreness is a sacrifice to my Savior.
I give my all – all of the time.
I do not give up. I do not give in.
I do not give out. I am the Lord’s warrior –
a competitor by conviction
and a disciple of determination.
I am confident beyond reason
because my confidence lies in Christ.
The results of my efforts
must result in His glory.