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***Beaver JH/HS Continuous Learning Plan***

We are not going add more stress to an already stressful situation.

A packet of suggested learning material will be available for pickup at the junior high and high school. (pickup time and procedure to follow, the date will be Wednesday, April 8th.)
Students will be able to access this information by looking at the school website and looking up their teacher’s link on the web page.

If the student needs their school email and log in, any teacher can be contacted.

No classroom grades will be negatively impacted.

The grade may go down, from work that was turned in before the crisis hit. These grades may not have been included prior to leaving.

No INTERNET - No PROBLEM! Packet will have an equal resources.

Teacher support will be offered through email, phone calls, E-notes, Class Dojo, Google Classroom, etc., enrichment projects, research, journaling, websites, educational TV programs and more.

These suggested learning materials are to help your student maintain learning gains made this year. If you have interest in materials to help prevent the Summer Slide contact your child’s teacher for more information.

Office Hours for phone calls will be 9 am to 10 am. Monday through Friday, unless the days were scheduled no schools days. School number is 580 625-3444.

Welcome to

Beaver Public Schools

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Our Mission:

To provide students the educational and social foundation that will promote personal success.

Home of the Dusters

     On the wind-swept plains of the Oklahoma Panhandle lies the pioneer town of Beaver, Oklahoma, the first town built in the territory known as "No Man's Land." It grew from a small trading post on the Beaver River to a town of cattle trails, vigilante justice, and strong pioneer stock. The town has outlasted outlaws and gunfights, oil booms and oil busts, droughts and floods, dust storms and tornadoes. Each event made us stronger and more determined.

     Almost as soon as the first cattle drive came through in 1886, the people started building schools and churches. Education has always been a priority to this community, and the school has always been a center of learning, activity, entertainment and community pride.

     Beaver Schools is one of the premier learning institutions in the state. It has garnered numerous awards and is known for its innovative approach to education. It offers advanced technology combined with an emphasis on fundamentals ... small classes with expert teachers guiding the way...first-class athletic facilities that have produced a long list of academics, in athletics, in music, in providing tomorrow's leaders and citizens ... This is the Home of the Beaver Dusters.

COMMON SENSE MEDIA FOR PARENTS - Digital citizenship needs to be taught to our students at school and home.  These are a couple of good resources.  This is a great web site for students, parents and teachers to learn about many issues regarding social networking (Facebook, XBoxLive, Twitter, etc.)  It is interactive and loaded with very good information.